Bedbugs low-cost treatments

The bedbug is a type of insect which lives exclusively to annoy us and, also, eat our blood. They are nasty and it is a nightmare to get rid of them when they have created proper nests. The number of eggs they can produce is enormous. The babies hatch fast and do not need much time to start sucking blood. Usually, the bedbugs tend to hide in cracks in proximity to your bed. Inside the mattress, under or behind the bed and in those small cracks between the bed frames they just love hiding. They can go out during the day but most often we will get bites on the body du

ring the night. Find below more information on how to treat bedbugs and more about the best pest control services in Ealing or London.

Bedbugs’ facts:

  • the most common type is brownish-black and can grow to approximately 0.5 cm
  • they carry with them an anaesthesia agent – they release this agent whenever start eating your blood, so you’ll not feel the bite
  • they can live up to 12-16 months without any blood

Are bedbugs resistant ?

In case you notice them in your house it is recommended to start a professional treatment which is strong enough to eradicate the infestation. While exterminating all the bedbugs the professional technician will make sure no eggs will remain intact. Eggs represent a real threat in creating new nests. At Pest Control Emergencies always make sure the infestation is eradicated, so you will not occur this problem again.

What is the most effective treatment against bedbugs?

There can be various types of treatments such as fumigation or heat. What we discovered after years of experience is that the most effective treatment which gives constant expected results is fumigation. After the entire location is sprayed it will take a short period until the infestation will be eradicated. Heat treatment is overpriced, it can cost between £750 and £2000. We promise to offer affordable and professional service to our clients maintaining transparency, without any hidden fees.

Why do bedbugs enter my home? I am cleaning my house twice a day.

This is a common question we get. A dirty house may indeed attract more crawling insects such as bedbugs or cockroaches. In some cases, it looks like they appear out of nowhere. People are bringing insects into the house from the places they visit. Very common for people who travel more and visit new accommodations constantly. Moreover, high-risk places represent airports, hospitals, and schools. In general places with increased human activity.

What do bedbug bites look like?

 They bite usually during the night because they can feel that your body is not moving, and they will have a safe feeding. Other bedbugs can eat every night or can have intervals of 3-7 days, totally depending on their necessity. The blood is beneficial to fertilise the eggs, so depending on their stage, they will need more or less.

How long takes to get rid of bedbugs?

The faster you act the bigger chances you have to get rid of them. Call us now. We can help to treat/control your bedbugs in the Ealing infestation. We can provide free on-phone advice and tailored services for each client. First of all, once you will contact us, we need to know more about your problem to see what solution is most suitable for you. The second step will be to send a technician to inspect your property. We understand that you want to get rid of all the bedbugs as soon as possible. That’s why our team can send a technician, typically, less than two hours after the first call. The next step is addressing the issue with the most effective solution, the technician will give you all the information necessary on the spot.

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